Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Luv theè

I luv thee like no tomorrow will come,
like the sun wuldnt go down and the moon would never show.

I luv thee like the falling rain,
like da stars dat shine with a glowing veil.

Where ever you might be i'll luv you the same,
thru da passin yrs this wudt change.

And if i die wid you not in sight,
i hope to met you in my next life.
Where men live forever gay n fine,
you wil be the one i always call MINE.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold Winter

As the cold winter sets in the heart,

In the midst of the fog I have lost my path,

The way which wise men suggest,

Has left me sore and perplexed.

Today as I look back in Time,

Life was perfect and it was mine,

But in this big city, full of light,

My heart is dull and balked of life.

Struck by the wrath of destiny,

Tormented by complication in relations,

Here I stand all alone,

In the jungle of human emotions.

Now the cold has settled in the Soul,

Killing the desire to find the road,

The journey embarked may never come to an end,

With the cold chilling winter settling in………

Friday, July 14, 2006


Walking on to the sand we walked together.
Looking at the places we sat together,
Thinking about the time we spent together,
Dreaming bout the dreams in which you were there forever,
Now the things have changed,
like you and me,
wondering where its leading to
not to the same path is what i feel
Hoping against hope which il never leave..........

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In and around Calcutta through my Nokia 6600 (Part III-Digha)

Digha is around 163 Km from Calcutta, it is a commercial beach just like Juhu is in mumbai.For going to Digha you can take a bus from Esplanade or like us pick ur bike and hit Mumbai highway ;) The roads are gud atleast when we went there :)). Best time woud be to reach there before sunrise. This is the view of Digha through my cam lens ;). There is another beach called Bokhali near Calcutta but thats a diff post ...... ;)

Clicked During the last few days in Calcutta :(

View of the New Digha beach

This was clicked when i came to Digha for the first time

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In and around Calcutta through my Nokia 6600 (Part II-Vidyasagar Setu )

Vidyasagar setu is the place which was frequented by me and my group the most.Besides being an amazing architectural structure the view from here is absolutely mesimerising. It a place where u can go alone when feeling low,with friends too when u wanna just freak out ;) or probably just wanna get drenched in the rain (my fav). There are innumerable stories attached with setu will need a whole blog for that ;).nywyas these are few pics which i like

The above two pics were clicked in the last sem during 4th Sem Exams ;)

The above two pics were clicked during a gedi on setu (makes me go down the memory lane)

Some Dry Facts bout Vidyasaar setu:
The modern cable stayed bridge known as Vidyasagar Setu lies across Hoogly offering a panoramic view of the skyline of Calcutta. This impressive bridge provides an alternative to the Howrah Bridge. The Vidyasagar Setu, better known locally as the second Hoogly Bridge, stands on the river Hoogly. Located 2 kms. to the south of the Howrah Bridge, it was built to reduce vehicular pressure from the latter. The construction work took 22 years and cost Rs. 3.88 billion and finally it was opened to traffic officially on 10th October 1992. The Setu is Asia's longest and the world's third largest cable-stayed bridge. Supported by 121 wire cables, it is 457 m. long and 115 m. wide. This graceful structure stands on four pylons, on a foundation that is 100 m. deep. It affords a panoramic view of the Calcutta skyline. The Vidyasagar Setu or the second Hoogly Bridge spans over the Hoogly River linking Calcutta to its twin city of Howrah and on to Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. This is a toll bridge and gives a fast connection from downtown Calcutta to the Botanical Gardens (which has the world's biggest banyan tree) and the Bengal Engineering College.

Monday, June 26, 2006

In and around Calcutta through my Nokia 6600 (Part I-Victorial Memorial)

Through this post i'd like you all to see the places which i saw during my stay in West Bengal.These were clicked through my Nokia 6600 (picture quality might nt be that great).

VICTORIA MEMORIAL (First Place anyone will suggest you to go in Calcutta):

The structure was designed by Sir William Emerson in an architectural style similar to Taj Mahal. Earlier he was asked to design the building in the Italian Renaissance style. But as Emerson was against the exclusive use of European styles, he incorporated Mughal elements. Vincent Esch was the superintending architect. Lord Redesdale and Sir David Prain designed the gardens. The work of construction was entrusted to Messrs Martin & Co. of Calcutta.

It was built between 1906 and 1921. It is a majestic white marble building at the southern end of the Maidan and surrounded by a sprawling garden. A black bronze angel known as Victory, holding a bugle in her hand was placed at the apex of the dome above the Memorial. It is fixed to its pedestal with ball bearings and rotates when the wind is strong enough. Unlike many other monuments of British Imperialism in India, it has been well maintained.

This was clicked at nite (no points for guessing that :)) )

Front view of Victoria Memorial

This is what you woud see from the back of victoria memorial (first floor)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Faust By Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

"Faust" its written by "Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe”. It is one of the most acclaimed work of Goethe and one of the most eminent works in German literature. Faust is written in two parts Part I is in the form of poem 4612 lines long.

The story starts with the devil making a bet with God that he can deflect his (i.e Gods) favorite human from the righteous path. Later on Mephistopheles (devil) makes a wager with Faust : Mephistopheles will do everything that Faust wants while he’s on earth. If during that time, Faust is pleased with anything the devil gives him that he wants to stay in that moment forever, he will do the devil's bidding in hell. Rest is for you all to read this is the basic setting of the plot ;) Following are the Quotes which I liked::

One meets by accident, emotes and linger,
And by and by one is entangled,
One’s bill increases, then one is in trouble;
One’s rapture grows, then follows grief and pain.

I have studied philosophy,,
The law as well as medicine,
And to my sorrow, theology;
Studied them well with ardent zeal,
Yet here I am, a wretched fool,
No wiser than I was before.

We bow in reverence to him above,
The Lord instructs and helps the helper.

Why must the stream run dry so soon
And I be parched and thirsty once again?

I am too old for mere amusement
And still too young to be without desire.

I don’t know everything, but I am aware of much

From this earth springs all my joys;
It’s the sun that shines on all my sorrows.
Once I must take my leave of them,
Then come what may, it is of no concern.

Precisely where no thought is present
A word appears in proper time.
Words are priceless in an argument.
Words are building stones of systems.
It’s splendid to believe in words;
From words you cannot rob a singe letter.

My peace is gone,
My heart is sore;
I’ll find it never
And nevermore.

To be without him
Is like the grave;
The sweet world all
Is turned to gall